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Finding Inspiration in Classic Images

Nikiphoros Lytras, Kalanta (Carols)

oil on canvas, 1872

Merry Christmas.


I am sending you this beautiful painting of carol singers. It is by the Greek painter Nikiphoros Lytras, an artist from Tinos who trained in Athens at the School of Arts and then at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Alongside Konstantinos Volanakis and Nikolaos Gyzis he is one of the finest Greek exponents of the Munich School. His work is characterised by naturalism, historic subjects, portraits and the chiaroscuro style. Note the signature at the bottom left of the painting: Ν. ΛΥΤΡΑΣ.

Lytras, Carols

Over to you

While you are enjoying this lovely painting by Lytras why not think about your own favourite festive image and tell me what it is?

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Lytras, Carols
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